The Journal of Ore Dressing Author Guide


Cevher Hazırlama / Ore Dressing is a journal that scientific research, investigations and practice application studies take place. Research and investigation article type studies, containing the analytical and numerical solutions of improvement and development of experimental and theoretical studies, concerned directly with Mineral Processing (subjects) are accepted to this journal.


The publication languages of the journal are English and Turkish. But there is no need for Turkish translation of the articles, which are sent by the authors whose native language is not Turkish.


The articles should be written on a first quality A4 sized (210x297 mm) paper. The borders should be as follows; 2,5 cm from top, 1,5 cm from bottom, 2,3 cm from left and 1,6 cm from right side of the paper.


The article heading has to be short and clear in meaning and also has to reflect the content of the article. The article heading should be in 12 points size, bold and title case. Then 1.5 more line spacing has to be left in order to start writing the author's names without their status (The association or institution of these authors has to be written below the names).


Before the abstract section, the key words have to be written to be involved column section, under the headline of "Keywords". The keywords number must not exceed 6 key words.


The figures must be sent in jpeg format (min. 300 dpi resolution) and designed as height 6.5 cm - width: 7.5 cm, the fonts on the graphics should be easily readable. Tables should be centered to the text without exceeding the text borders. Captions have to be written with 10 point-size to the bottom of the figures and to the top of the concerned tables.


The equations, which had been given as reference, inside the text has to be numbered and these numbers, must be shown at the end of that line. Equations must at least be written by using microsoft equation editor            


Symbols will be in computer print form and each symbol will be defined with the place where it is used initially. The symbols list has to be given separately form the article in order to be sent to the editorial committee.


The used units have to be convenient to SI or metric system.


If required, it has to be given before the reference section. It has to be written shortly, essentially and suitable with scientific concepts.


The "INTRODUCTION" "METHOD" "DISCUSSION" and "RESULT" sections of the article will be written in big caps form with a numbering style of 1, 2, 3, 4... The subheadings will be in 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, form and the following subheading has to be in 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 2.1.1, form. These subheadings will be written with small letters except the first letter of each word. Between the main headings and the subheadings there has to be one line spacing and after these subheadings there will be line spacing before the text section.


If any quotations are used inside the article, the reference in question has to be given at the end of the sentence by its number in brackets. At the end of the article text, there should be a REFERENCES section. In this section the references has to be given in alphabetical order with individual numbers just like as follows;


Austin, L. G., Klimpel, R. R., Lucki, P. T., “Process Engineering of Size Reduction: Ball milling”, SME, New York, (1984)


An electronic copy of the article have to be sent to the correspondence address;

Managing Editor: Dr. Turan BATAR

Editor: Dr. Sezai ŞEN

“The Journal of Ore Dressing”

Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Engineering, Mining Engineering Department

35160 Buca - Izmir/TURKEY

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