Volume 4, Issue 7

  • Electrokinetic Behaviour of Fluorite and Calcite
    (A. Uçar , H. Özdağ)
  • Production of High Grade Barite from EL-Gedida Iron Ore Waste
    (Fatma H. Abd Elrahiem and Mahmoud A. Arafa)
  • Investigation of Briquetting of Armutçuk and Amasra Coals and Investigatıon of Combusting Properties of the Briquettes Obtained
  • Using a Falcon Concentrator, as a New Technology, for Removal of Environmental Pollutants of Egyptian Coal
    (B. K. Parekh , M. A. Abdel Khalek)
  • Evaluation of Flotation Performance of Chromite Ores
    (S. S. Ibrahim , M. K. Abdel Rahman and S. I. Mostafa)