Volume 1, Issue 2

  • Improvement of Polymetallic Ores Processing under Conditions of Entire Water Reclaiming
    (A.A. Abramov, H. Hoberg & G.G. Shtoik)
  • A Review of the Theory of Interactions between Particles Dispersed in Aqueous Media, I. The Electrical Double Layer
    (M. Polat)
  • Production of Superclean Magnesite from Magnesite Tailings
    (V. Bozkurt, Y. Uçbaş & K. Bilir)
  • Enrichment of Eskişehir-Beylikahyr Region's Fluorite by Flotation
    (N. Gence & H. Koca)
  • Evaluation of Tunçbilek Coal-Fired Power Plant Fly Ash for Industrial Usage
    (H. Kurama, C. Bilgiç & M. Kaya)
  • Environmental Measures at Ovacık Gold Mine
    (O. Güçkan & V. Oygür)